Export Packing Service

We supply cartons, some bubble wrap and vinyl tape, free of charge to those customers shipping personal or household effects through us.

Popular Packing Materials & Sizes

(Supplied free to customers using our services)


Large Carton - (47x47x74cms) To be used for bulky but light items i.e. Bedding, Cushions, Knitwear etc
Standard Carton - (47x47x53cms) To be used for general goods but not heavy items such as Books, Hand Tools etc
Book Carton - (47x47x27cms) To be used for small heavy items including Books and Vinyl Records
Bubblepak - For general use
Buff Vinyl Tape - For sealing cartons

Other Packing Materials Used

Special boxes

Garment hanging Cartons - (47x47x124cms) - For packing of clothing on hangars. These cartons use a great deal of shipping space and their use should be carefully considered
Bike Carton - Will hold 1 adult sized bicycle with pedals removed
Corrugated Cardboard - 12” wide and any length
Custom made wooden Cases/Crates - Large paintings, Mirrors and large Glass Sheets often require wooden crates. Most countries including Australia, and the USA, will only allow cases made of treated wood to be used for goods entering their country so we use specialist firms to supply them

Packing Service

We also provide an onsite packing and wrapping service where your goods will be professionally packed and your furniture wrapped in your own home